Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 Will Release in December 2019

If you are an avid fan of Clash of Clans, you must have already gone through the various pictures, posts, news about the Town Hall 13 making it’s way to the COC world. But how true is that? Is Town Hall 13 Really Coming to the game? If Yes, when will TH13 be released in Clash of Clans Mobile Game? Today in this post we are going to tell you Everything About Clash of Clans Town Hall 13.


The Rumors of Town call 13 has just freshly begun, Darian who is the community manager at Supercell has also given hints that Town Hall 13 will come to Clash of Clans this Christmas (December 2019) Update. Which somewhat’s seems legit, because Christmas Updates has always been a super big one.

[Update 5th November 2019]: Supercell has just confirmed the release of Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 in December 2019.

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On Reddit, In the last Q&A hosted by Clash of Clans, When the question of Town Hall 13 Release Date was asked? Darian answered that they have 2 more updates planned for Clash of Clans this year. However, he said generally they don’t announce a big update like a New Town Hall until the company is ready. However, he did give a tentative date of both the update, one being around Late Autumn and other obviously the Christmas Update, at the end of the year.

He continued saying that Since they have a Clash of Clans ESL World Finals at the end of October 2019, thus they will not add TH 13 before that time as it will make the competition unfair as the competitors might not get sufficient chance to practice and max their bases. He further added that it took Supercell 2.5 Years to add Th12 after the release of Th11 and they will never want the same amount of gap between Town Hall 12 and Town Hall 13. There is Going to be Town 13, but exactly when the company can’t commit. But you can expect a New Town Hall every 18 Months atleast.

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Though Darian made himself clear, that 18 Months is not to be taken as exact time, but just to get a rough idea. Lastly, he added that Clash of Clans is going to get a big update at the end of the year and players can try to guess what it is.

When Will Town Hall 13 Release in Clash of Clan?

Well going by the Darian answers, he says that the company will never want to repeat the mistake of delaying the release of Town Hall as they did in Town Hall 12. He also said that the current plan is to release a New Town Hall every 18 Months, and if we count the days it’s been already 1.1 years since Town Hall 12 has been added to the game. Thus going by the 18 Month rules, and the word ‘Big Update’, yes Clash of Clans is getting a Town Hall 13 in this Christmas (December 2019) Update.

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