Com2uS is Here With a Completely Different Genre Game "Dancevil": Pre-Register Now

Com2uS has released its unique dance game "Dancevil" for which the developers have already started the pre-registrationt. In this game you can create your own choreographies with a level of details which you won't find practically in any other Android title. but this is not the end here, you can also make your own music and can even direct your own music videos.


In this game, players lands in a small city where all the residents keep on dancing nonstop. So here your aim is to create the best possible dance routine by moving your character's various body parts. The only thing you need to do for dancing is, tap on that joint of the body you want to move and then slide you finger. By doing this you can move your arms, legs, neck and trunk and make several poses, by putting all of them together you can create a spectacular dance routine.

Creating you own dance steps is just a beginning, you also have to produce your musing by mixing instruments and combining the different music notes. In minutes you can have your own song, your own music video etc. by which you can impress the population of the town. This is a simple, fun, and accessible dancing game. You can even share all of your creations online through game or any other social media platform.

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