Call of Duty: Mobile Review - Better Than PUBG Mobile?

Call of Duty Mobile (previously known as Call of Duty: Legends of War) is a huge attempt to transfer the much popular PC and Console gaming experience on Mobile Devices. The Game is developed as a partnership between the well known Tencent Games and Activision.


For the people who don't know Tencent is considered as the biggest mobile gaming company around the world, who has given us PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valor and Many other Famous titles. And on the other hand, Activision has a game franchise 'Call of Duty' which is winning the best game awards for over a decade now.

Coming back to the game, Call of Duty Mobile is another Multiplayer FPS game just like Modern Warfare or Black Ops. The controls in Call of Duty Mobile could not have been more nicely adapted to the touchscreen devices. The basic controls lets you use your left thumb to control your character's movement and the right one to aim and fire. And yes the game gives you the option to customize it completely as per your convenience. Call of Duty Mobile Game also provides with Automatic Firing Option for the beginner. Advance and the pro player can turn it off and use the manual option.

Talking about the game Modes, COD Mobile offers you three different game modes. From Multiplayer and Zombie Mode to the trending Battle Royale Mode. All the modes are very popular in the franchise and they challenge you to face other online players, as well as team-up with them to destroy others. Call of Duty Mobile is a mixture of all other previous calls of Duty Games, thus Nuketown, Hijacked or killhouse are few of the popular maps which are there in this mobile game.

Call of Duty Mobile Gives you what it promised. It is the Next Big Mobile Game and everyone including us, is very eager for it's Global Launch.

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Lastly coming to the most asked question? Is Call of Duty Mobile Better Than PUBG Mobile? You won't find the answer to this question anywhere else but here. But before that it is very important to note, that Call of Duty Mobile has not yet Globally Released, thus comparing it to any other Mobile games makes zero sense. But still we will do it for you, so the answer to this is that 'It depends on your playstyle and your likings'.

If you like realistic games with realistic graphics, PUBG Mobile is the game for you. If you are a huge Call of Duty franchise fan and loves fast-paced games then Call of Duty Mobile is the right choice for you. Rest everything is pretty similar in both the games as they are developed by the same company at the end.