Tencent is Bringing Its own Auto Chess Game Called 'Chess Rush'

Hello Mobile Gamers, Recently Auto battle games have been trending a lot. After Dota Underloads and Auto Chess. Tencent is also jumping into the market with it's latest upcoming game called 'Chess Rush' which is a brand new strategy auto battle gamer. For people who don't know let us tell you that Tencent is considered as the biggest Mobile Game Developer, the company has already given us Pubg Mobile, Arena of Valour, Call of Duty Mobile etc.


Tencent on its official Chess Rush facebook page has recently shared the information about this upcoming game and also shared various in-game screenshots. From what we have understood is that - Chess Rush is a 3D auto battler game, in which you can select various heroes from a pool of over 50 chess pieces and place them strategically on the battlefield. Each hero falls in a particular class and species and also has a unique ability. In the game, your ultimate mission is to fight against 7 other opponents and win.

The USP of this game is Turbo Mode, which allows you to complete a full match in just 10 minutes. Chess Rush also provides you will a Classic Gameplay mode, Turbo Mode and a Co-op Mode. It also has social features which lets you team-up with your friends.

Note: Chess Rush has been Released! Click here to Download Now

Chess Rush will be available both on iOS and Android Devices and will be releasing globally on 4th of July 2019. Tencent claims that the game is fully optimized for Mobile devices and players are going to have super-smooth experience. You Can follow the Offical Facebook Fan Page of Chess Rush for more Details.