Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall is Available for Pre-Registration on Android

Hello Mobile Gamers, Behaviour Interactive is working very hard on the development of its new mobile game "Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall". And it seems like that the development has reached at its last phase as the developers have started taking the official pre-registration of the game for both Android & iOS.

As talking about the game in Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall, this is RPG adventure game, in which you will get to experience the real story of the TV series Game of Thrones and even you will get to see the real characters of the TV show, such as Jon Snow, Melisandre and Daenerys Targaryen by using the power of the weirwood trees. Each character has the different abilities which you can master in tactical PvP combats.


All you have to do this game is Assemble your favourite characters from the dozens of squad combinations, which have been taken from the Official Game of Thrones series as the licensed product, to dominate the hand-crafted battlefields. So battle in the classic grid combat system which is perfectly optimized for the mobile phones playability.

Click here to Pre-Register on Android


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