Pre-Register for Shut the Soul : Shooting Action RPG

Hello Mobile Gamers, are you stressed out then eliminate your enemy through this all-new mobile game 'Shut the Soul: Shooting Action RPG' which has been developed by DAERISOFT. This game is now available for Pre-registration on Android devices. This is a mobile Role-Playing Game (RPG) in which you are supposed to eliminate all your enemies through thrilling action.


In Shut the Soul: Shooting Action RPG, the monster army Devil Kinteo with his hordes of minions, came to the earth to absorb the souls of the people and started destroying all lifeforms and light. This is a critical situation on the earth and all hopes have been lost, now you are the one to whom the people can trust right now. You are supposed to attack the monsters on the field from 1st to 3rd floor by using the three types of equipment available: Armor, GUNs, and Accessories.

Three types of stats are also there in Shut the Soul: Shooting Action RPG i.e. speed, attack, and defense. While gaming you obtain items by opening random boxes and fill your soul gauge to eliminate your enemies. Overall this is an average and fun shooting game which you can play in your free time. Keep yourself ready for taking down the boss for sweet victory and pre-register for Shut the Soul: Shooting Action RPG.



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