Everything You Need to Know about Dr. Mario World

Dr.Mario world is coming soon to your Mobile Devices. For people who don't know Dr.Mario World is a Classic Match-three puzzler in which you will have to use pills to eliminate all the viruses, you motive in the game will be to keep clearing viruses until the cage of your opponents get's filled with viruses and he loses. Anyway's Today in this post we are going to tell your Everything which you should be knowing about Dr. Mario Would Game.

Dr. Mario World Game Overview:

Dr. Mario World is a kind of similar to Tetris, however, what is unique is the inclusion of Super Mario Universe Theme and Characters. The game offers a quick multiplayer online fun experience which you can play both with your local as well as online friends.


Recently, Nintendo Shared a 'Dr. Mario World Multiplayer Introduction' video in which we further came to know that you can play this game with your friends once you link it to your Facebook or Line accounts. This connects and lets you see the progress of your friends and send them as well as receive gifts.

What is most exciting about this game is that it features a Real-Time PvP Battles letting you challenge your friends anytime, anywhere.


Before the Match Starts, you get to choose your main character. There are many characters from Mario Universe which you can choose from, Each one has a special ability. During the match, there is a skill meter which when filled let's you use your special ability.

Once you start a Match in Dr.Mario World, You and your Opponent, each has his own brick breaker stage. Your motive is to keep eliminating viruses from your end and send them to your opponents. The players whose cage get's filled first looses, and obviously the other can now start boasting about his victory.

When Will Dr.Mario World will release on ios & android?

Dr. Mario would is currently available for Pre-Registration both on Appstore and Google Playstore. You can Pre-Register for the Game by Clicking Here. And now Talking about the Release date, Dr. Mario World is Officially Releasing on 10th July 2019.

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