Everything you Need to Know About Cyber Hunter Season 3 Update

Hello Cyber Hunter Players, we are pretty sure that guys must have already heard the news of Season 3 Coming making its way into the game on 27th June 2019. Today in this post we are going to share with you guys the Complete Details of Cyber Hunter Season 3 Update. So let's begin:


New Season: Stormy Island

Cyber Hunter Season 3 will officially begin from 27th June 2019. New season and tier rewards await you in the amazing new season. Prepare to enjoy Summer Wars. Here are a few Changes which you will see in the new update.

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  1. New Lobby Design and interface for the new season, now enjoy a cool and refreshing summer on sunny beaches! Meanwhile, interface operations have been improved, which will allow you to preview rewards in a convenient way.
  2. New Season pass reward values and a wide range of rewards: New themed swimwear, Weapon Paints, skateboard Droid, and exclusive avatars are on its way.
  3. The upgrade progress has been adjusted for the New season level and season points which you get from Season quests have been greatly increased. After the Season 3 update, you can level up faster than ever before.
  4. Lastly, you can spend Credits to upgrade your Season Level and directly receive the rewards in the next season.

New Mode: Six Forces Blitz

One player left alive, all squadmates revived. Six forces contending, only one can triumph. New challenges can all be found in the Six-Forces Blitz!

  1. Blitz Time: 12:00-14:00 and 19:00-23:00 from Monday to Friday; 9:00-24:00 on Saturdays and Sundays
  2. Level requirement: Lv.5 or above
    This gameplay mode will be launched on the Southeast Asia Server for a trial run in advance. Stay tuned.

Look Improvements & New Stuff

  • Upgraded the customization system and improved the Accessories system.
    • New accessories for head, eyes, face, and back. With even more fashion designs, it's easy to become a unique Wanderer on Dreamland.
    • Wanderers, new accessories can be obtained by joining themed events in July, taking part in Season events, getting Premium Supplies Chests, or purchasing anything you want in the Mall.
    • Added "Single Model Preview" mode to the backpack and weapon pages of the Skin system.
    • New Outfits: Themed sets, such as Scarlet Baron, Romantic Wedding, Summertime Phantom, Speed Surfer, Splendid Jewels, and Bamboo Painting, will soon be here for everyone to enjoy.
    • Themed Paints: New themed paints: Scarlet Baron, Summer Wars and Splendid Jewels.

Key Updates

  1. The Mall has been upgraded to offer you a wide variety of fashion options. Now you can be anyone you want.
  2. Revamped system. Introducing the Corps feature. Mass all your powerful companions to fight as the strongest corps.
  3. Summertime Event - Cool Summertime will start officially on July 4.
  4. All-New Reserve for Preorder: Miss Gorgeous will be available on July 8. You can claim an extra-value Voucher as a refund if you fail to preorder it.
  5. First Top-up Benefit of Season 3 will soon be launched. During the event, as long as you top up, you can get the permanent Head Accessory - Azure Baseball Cap and the themed avatar. In addition, Zero and Max can try on the new and exquisite Rainbow Outfits!
  6. Total Expenditure Benefits of Season 3 will soon be launched. During the event, you will get an exquisite Eyes Accessory and Popular Backpack once your expenditure reaches the specified level!

Other Feature Improvements

  1. Updated the result display scenario. Show off in the refreshing summertime scenarios.
  2. Display reward claim reminder when you complete Path of Growth and Season Quests.
  3. You will visit the corresponding page after you tap Path of Growth or Season Quests if you do not complete these quests.
  4. Improved the claim reminder and reward preview on the Path of Growth page.
  5. Updated the scenario and operational performance of Shining Star. Go become a match superstar.
  6. Added four new graphic styles: Sunset, Dreamland, Poetic Aegean and Turquoise. All of these can create an amazing visual effect. Go experience it now!
  7. Season 2 - Count Zero ended at 4:00 on June 26. Tier and Season Rewards will be sent to your mail. Please remember to check.