Dead By Daylight Mobile Release Date Announced!

Hello Mobile Gamers, in our last post about Dead By Daylight Mobile, we informed you that the Game has been officially confirmed to be coming in your smartphone devices and we also informed you that it has been officially available to Pre-Register.


Well, today we have got another good news, but before that to people who don't know let us tell you that Dead by Daylight is the official mobile version of the well-known survival horror game on PC and Console and it's being developed by Behavior interactive.

Now coming to the News, Today Dead by Daylight Mobile hosted an official Live-Stream video both on it's official Facebook Fan Page and Youtube Channel. In the Live Stream, they showcased the Gameplay of Dead by Daylight Mobile and also announced that the Game will officially release before the end of 2019 itself.

But the Good things is that in the Live-Stream itself the Team of Dead By Daylight mobile also stated that they are soon going to release multiple Betas of the game, and you can play the Beta Version of Dead By Daylight if you Pre-Register.

So our guess is, that we can expect to play the Beta Version of the Game by the end of July or Early August. But you should check the Minimum Requirements to Play Dead by Daylight before you Pre-Register. So that's it for this post, see you again at another Mobile Gaming Article.