PUBG Mobile: Payload 2.0 Coming Soon – Find What’s New!

PUBG Mobile, the top-grossing game has announced the coming of Payload 2.0 very soon in its trailer. PUBG Mobile has announced on twitter that it will be updating the Payload version to 2.0 soon. According to some sources, it will come by October 10, 2020.


Payload is a recent mode in PUBG Mobile that came into the game in 2019. PUBG Mobile 1.0 version came last month, and the game has been the same since last month with no modifications. Thus the next version will be the first major version changes in the game after the update.

Payload mode is similar to the Classic mode with differences in the guns and vehicles. Payload uses heavy weapons and vehicles, including helicopters, giving rise to destruction through bombs. The M79 Grenade launchers, the MGL, the RPG-7, etc. included the weaponry.

The mode has a major twist in terms of the revival of the teammates. The teammates can be revived normally, like in the classic mode, as well as can be revived after they are dead by picking an ID card of the player from their crate within a time limit. The ID card needs to be brought to the nearest radio tower to bring the dead teammate back into the game. This twist makes the mode interesting to play.

With the coming of Payload 2.0, new weapons and armed vehicles will also be associated. The cinematic trailer suggests the coming of UAV, which would be remote-controlled, thereby aiding in finding the enemies. For the scanning of the area for vehicles, a new radar system will be there along with the M202, new rocket launcher.

More heavy weapons and machinery will be added, including flamethrowers and rocket launchers. Sources claim that the new version will be in relation to the Classic Erangel 2.0 map and the Game for Peace – the Chinese version of the game that already has the new Beta mode.

According to the leaked trailer, here are the following updates that you can expect in Payload 2.0:-

1) Unarmed Aerial Vehicle (UAV):- The vehicle can be flown in a specific direction with the players controlling it with a remote to hunt down the enemies as well as having a tight grasp on the missile launcher.

2) Portable Radar:- It can be used at any location by the players to scan various vehicles (cars, helicopters, boats) on the minimap playing a major role in detecting enemies.

3) Bomb suit:- It is a special armor that will protect the whole body from possible damage.

4) Special Base:- This refers to new areas and new buildings packed with a lot of loot along with an advanced helicopter.

5) New weapons:-
a) A24 missile – guided by laser to focus the sharp location where the missile is supposed to land.
b)M202- A rocket launcher with a very high speed of launching rockets back to back.

6) New Vehicles:- The same vehicles earlier will now come with packed weapons and rocket launchers. The cars will have the skills to move in water as well. A new advanced helicopter with a lot of weapons will also be there, as said earlier in the special base.

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