DOTA Underlords v. Auto Chess: Detailed Comparison

"DOTA Underlords" closed beta has been recently released by Valve Corporation, and "Auto Chess" by Dragonest Game is also a game from the same genre. There are similarities as well as differences in both of the game, which makes the players quite confusing in choosing one among them. So, in this article, we are going to make a detailed comparison between DOTA Underlords and Auto Chess which will help you to choose the suitable game for you.


DOTA Underlords v. Auto Chess : Differences

1. Visuals

DOTA Underlords has been criticized by the players for its visuals. But the thing which should be kept in mind is that the game is early in development. As for now only the beta version is available of the game, it can be expected that the Valve Corporation will definitely improve the polish the looks of the DOTA Underlords with time. As the company is not much active in the Mobile gaming development but if we look at the history of PC and console games made by the same developer, it will definitely meet to your expectations after the stable version. But the general looks of the game (board and heroes), unlike the interface, feel top-quality.

2. Items System

Auto Chess has always been criticized for its RNG-based items system. Unsurprisingly, DOTA Underlords overhauled its item system as compared to the Auto Chess with a few interesting ideas:

Earning Items: At the end of every round if you win that round you will be shown three/four items on your screen out of which you can choose one as a reward. And if you do not manage to win that round than some of the choices might become unavailable. This is an obvious and much needed change which should be made in the Auto Chess as well. Because to make the item strategy much deeper it is required to make addition of choices.

Inventory: In DOTA Underloards there is only one item slot available for the one hero, which is a quite controversial change. But this change has its own benefit, as now the player is forced to distribute the items among the whole army instead of making the start hero as the main carry by giving it all the top level items. There is also the option available to change the items between your heroes, which is a good thing for the change mentioned above.

No Combinations: In DOTA Underlords there is no option to make a high-tier item by the combination of some low tier items. But as there is only one item slot for every hero and the high tier items can only be gained from high tier rounds, then the drawback is that the low tier items becomes redundant as the game proceeds forward.

Global Items: In DOTA Underlords you can get the global items. They provide the buffs to the whole army, you do not need to equip them on a particular hero. And there are a lot of buffs available that introduce interesting mechanics and break-up the usual strategies.

DOTA Underlords v. Auto Chess : Similarities

1. The Heroes and Abilities are Same in Both Games

This is not a big surprise that the heroes and abilities are same in both of the games. Because the Valve Corporation holds the IP of the DOTA heroes which were used in the original Auto Chess. So it makes a complete sense to use them together with their familiar abilities.

2. The Tribes are also Mostly Same

This is also a surprising thing that the Valves Corporation has decided to keep the same tribes (races and classes) as in the Auto Chess. But this will make it easier for the new players who are familiar with DOTA Auto Chess to understand the game easily. But it was expected from the developers just to copy the concept, and to come up with a new specific mechanics and ideas in terms of army composition strategy.

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It is hard to give a final verdict that which one should be choose among these two options. But while choosing keep it in mind that the DOTA Underlords is in its development. So choose wisely and have fun!

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