Garena Free Fire is going to introduce a New Mode "Spray and Pray" in the Game

Garena Free Fire is going to get a huge update in the game which will hit the servers in the upcoming few days. There are a lot of things which will be added into the game, details of which can be found by going through the link provided at the end of the article. One more thing has been added into this list which is the New Game Mode: Spray and Pray.


This new mode will be available in the game for a limited period of time. In this new game mode there are two things, which are most awaited. The first one is the new gun named "Gatling Gun" and the debut of "Jet Pack Shoes" in the game.

Here is the brief details about how these two things work:

1. Gatling Gun: The new gun will be having a magazine capacity of around 1200 bullets. So by using this gun you do not need to hesitate while firing by thinking that you will be out of loaded magazine and will have to reload it again while fighting. The 1200 bullets are more than enough to kill a lot of squads without reloading the gun. But the con about this gun is, while using this gun you will not be allowed to drive a vehicle, cannot use grenades, cannot use Med-Kit etc. For using all of these above mentioned features you will have to put this gun back and then use them. Its quite time consuming while you are fighting against and enemy or enemy squad because on that point of time it might result against you. But as everything has both pros and cons, so choose wisely when to use this gun and when not.

2. Jet Pack Shoes: Jet Pack Shoes can be found in the game while looting for the weapons, armors, Healing Kits etc. around the map. By wearing jet pack shoes the player can fly for a short period of time above some height from the ground. These shoes will help the player to get into the safe zone easily because these shoes have more speed than the player running on the ground.

So these are the two most awaited things of this new mode in the game.

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