PUBG Mobile vs Call of Duty Mobile - Detailed Comparison

PUBG Mobile is considered as the King of Mobile battle Royale games. The game was launched in early 2018 only, and sine then enjoys a huge Fan Following. Talking of, Call of Duty Mobile it is developed by Tencent Games, which is also the developers of Pubg Mobile. The game is yet to be globally released, however the Beta of the game is currently live in selected regions, and the feedback of the games is really positive.


Many critics have said that Call of Duty Mobile will Dethrone PUBG Mobile. The world is divided on two different sides, when we talk about PUBG Mobile vs Call of Duty Mobile. So here in the post to settle this debate for once and all we have tried to Compare Pubg Mobile with Call of Duty Mobile and after reading this post, you can choose which one is better for you & Suits your playstyle.

Pubg Mobile vs Call of Duty Mobile Full Comparison:

Home Screen & Game Lobby

Home Screen of the game is basically the first place you land on after the game completes it loading and starts. The call of Duty Mobile's home screen is nicely arranged, it looks neat & Clean however PUBG Mobile's homes screen is more attractive and realistic.


Talking of the Lobby is the waiting area of the game, it is a place where all the 100 players joins and gears up to enter the battlefield. In Pubg Mobile's Lobby area you cannot do much rather than just move around and use emotes while in Call of Duty Mobile Lobby area you can Drive Vehicles, Use guns and also use Character's special skills.

Entering the Map

In Pubg Mobile the player skydives from an airplane to enter into the Battle field while in Call of Duty Mobile the player jumps wearing a jumpsuit from a helicopter to land on the battlefield.

Pubg Mobile is getting a new map called Venezia?

Battle Area (Map)

Pubg Mobile as of now have 4 different maps to play, however call of duty Mobile offers only 1 map. Here we are going to compare the default map of Pubg mobile and Call of Duty Mobile.

The Default map of Pubg Mobile is called Erangel while of Call of Duty Mobile it's called Isolated. Pubg Mobile's map provide for a realistic map while call of duty mobile has some sci-fiction things attached to it. The map of Call of Duty Mobile is also way smaller as compared to Pubg Mobile.

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Battle Time

Pubg Mobile's one match is very longer when we compares it to Call of Duty Mobile's. Pubg Mobile's one match can last for as long as 30-35 Minutes, while Call of Duty Mobile's One match will last only 10-15 Minutes. So if you don't like lengthy games you know which one to go for.


Developed by the same parent company, the graphics of both the games are almost same. If your phone can support High Resolutions then you will love both the game. However if you have a low-end devices the Pubg Mobile is better optimized for you. Also Pubg Mobile have realistic graphics when compared to COD Mobile.

Character Customization

Pubg Mobile let's you customize your Charater as per your own choice, while Call of Duty Mobile dose not provide for this option, you have 6 options to select from in Call of Duty Mobile. Also the characters in PUBG Mobile looks more realistic.


Both in Pubg Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile you can drive vehicles to move. However Pubg Mobile only provides for limited land and water vehicles, while call of Duty Mobile provides all of them from ship to Helicopter.

So we hope now you can choose your games based on your playstyle, in simple word if you like realistic games, simply go for Pubg Mobile but if you are done with Pubg Mobile, COD Mobile is your next best alternative. Also as COD Mobile is currently in development, you can expect a lot more from it when it will be globally released.

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