Everything You Need to Know About Call of Duty Mobile!

With the rise of mobile gaming industry in the recent time, Activision was not late to recognize this trend and started working on Mobile Game, few years back. Finally Call of Duty Mobile Game emerged as a partnership between Activision and Tencent games. The Call of Duty Mobile games is planned to globally release in the next few months, however for now the closed Beta version of this mobile games is available and almost everyone is playing & enjoying it.

There is lot of information about Call of Duty Mobile Games which you should know, So today in this post we will share everything you need to know about Call of Duty Mobile.


1. Game Modes

Call of Duty Mobile is not just a Battle Royale game like Pubg Mobile, or a 5 Vs 5 Team Death Match like Counter Strike, it has all of it.

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Call of Duty Mobile Game contains of the following game Modes:

  • Zombie Mode
  • Multiplayer Mode:
    • Free For All
    • Frontline
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Hardpoint
    • Domination
  • Battle Royale Mode

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2. Multiplayer maps

Call of Duty Mobile games is all about taking the best elements of the past Call of Duty PC games and compiling them into one new game. Thus out of the 7 maps in the multiplayer mode 4 of them are taken from Black Ops while other 3 are taken from Modern Warfare franchise.

  • Nuketown (Black Ops)
  • Hijacked (Black Ops)
  • Standoff (Black Ops)
  • Firing Range (Black Ops)
  • Crash (Modern Warfare)
  • Crossfire (Modern Warfare)
  • Killhouse (Modern Warfare)

With these then there is a Battle Royale Map too named 'isolated' in COD Mobile.

3. ScoreStreaks

Call of Duty Mobile has this concept of Scorestreaks for a long time now. Every player will receive points for killing, assisting and other similar activities. After achieving a certain number of points player will get an chance to use a Scorestreaks.


Scorestreaks are basically perks (like Hunter Killer, UAV) which can make your way to victory very easy.

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4. Weapons

The list of weapons currently available in Call of Duty: Mobile:

  • Assault Rifle
    • M16
    • AN94
    • Type 25
    • AkBP
    • M4a1
    • G37H
    • AK47
  • Semi-Machine Guns
    • AKS-74U
    • PDW-57
    • HG40
    • MSMC
  • Shot-Gun
    • W1200
    • Striker
    • M2126
    • M1887
  • Heavy Machine Gun
    • RPD
    • SA80-LSW
    • S36
    • M4LMG
  • Sniper Rifles
    • M21EBR
    • AS50
    • Cheytac M200
    • XPR50
  • HandGun
    • Magnum
    • MW1911
  • Launcher
    • SMR S
    • FHJ-18 AA
  • Melee Weapons
    • Showel
    • Axe

5. Ranked Matches

In Multiplayer Mode, There are three options in Call of Duty: Mobile: Match, Rank Match, and Private Match. While Match is where most casual play will take place, Ranked Matches offer the ability to level up throughout Seasons and earn better Weapons, Bonus XP, and more based on your level and placement.

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6. Battle Royale Class

Hello Call of Duty Mobile Players, as we all know that Activision has announced that the player will have an option to choose from six different classes to play as, in the Call of Duty mobile Battle Royale Mode. The classes to choose from are namely Defender, Mechanic, Scout, Clown, Medic, & lastly Ninja.

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7. Battle Royale Map

Since the running theme with Call of Duty: Mobile is combining a decades worth of CoD into one handheld experience, the Battle Royale map borrows locations from both Modern Warfare and Black Ops.

The named locations include classics like Nuketown, Firing Range, Overgrown, Crash, Killhouse and more. This of course begs the question, where we dropping?

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8. Mode in Battle Royale

Call of Duty Mobile game will have 2 modes in the Battle Royale, namely first person & third person mode just like other battle royale games.

So there were all the things which you must be aware of while playing Call of Duty Mobile, Do let us know if we missed out on something in the comments section below.