Everything You Need TO Know About Brawl Stars May 2019 Update

A very warm welcome to all the Brawl Stars Players, Here is a great news for you guys, recently a new Brawl Talk has been release by the supercell which started that a new Brawl Stars Update is coming soon & this update the players can expect a lot of things like new brawler, new skins, club mails and much.


Here are Complete Details of Brawl Stars May 2019 Update:

1. Retropolis

Retropolis is a brand new area in the game with leather jackets, fast cars, and neon lights. It isn’t specified in the video exactly what this area is, so keep an eye open for more news!

2. New Brawler: Bibi

Image result for bibi brawler

Bibi is going to be a baseball bat wielding girl, but we know nothing about her rarity. Her main attack is going to be a slightly ranged attack that seems to have a pretty wide range. Bibi also has a special attack (not her Super) that charges up whenever she has all three ammo slots filled. Once the yellow bar is full, her next attack also pushes Brawlers a few tiles backwards.

Here are Bibi's stats at max level:
Hit points: 5,800
Attack damage: 1,960
Reload time: very fast

3. New Skins

There are going to be 4 new skins making their appearance into the game, which are all listed below.

  • Hot Rock Brock
  • Road Rage Carl
  • Bake Sale Barley
  • Maple Barley

4. Others

Some other more minor changes will also be coming in this update, but the Brawl Talk wasn’t very specific on the details:

  • Balance Changes
  • New map object
  • Club Mail (finally!)

That’s all the info we got from the latest Brawl Talk video. So stay tuned for more updates as the update arrives within the next few days. For now, thanks for reading and Brawl On!