Battle Royale Mode is Coming To Call of Duty Mobile Beta on 20th May

Hello Call of Duty Mobile Players, we hope you are playing Call of Duty Mobile and really enjoying it. If yes, then we are also pretty sure you must be winning a lot of multiplayer matches, but now it’s time to get some ‘winner winner chicken dinner‘ yes, you guessed it right!


Call of Duty Mobile Beta was under maintenance for more than 12 hours, during this maintenance the developers wanted to add & launch the COD Mobile Battle Royale mode. However due to some technical problems it was not possible.

Thus, now the Activision has announced that they will launch the Battle Royale Mode in Call of Duty Mobile Beta on 20th May 2019, When the maintenance break will end on the day, the Battle Royale mode, will be unlocked for everyone to play.

However for now, the servers of Call of Duty Mobile has been restored & you can play Multiplayer Matches to kill your time, waiting for the Battle Royale mode.