Arena of Valor Is Getting Replaced By KoG Worldwide Release?

Is Arena of Valour ending? This week itself the rumor is on the rise that Kings of Glory (KoG) which is original game on which Arena of Valor is based, is going global and it will replace Arena of Valor. It is important to note that Tencent is the man behind both these games.


A few topics has also popped on social media websites such as Reddit about this same news. There is also a news about Tencent calling famous players for a documentary of the game, to make a potential marketing material for the game’s worldwide release.

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When asked about the potential release date of the game during the live stream from Zane, who is a famous Arena of Valor Streamer, he answered that he has heard that the game will be coming out in the second half of this year itself. He also said that the documentary however will release either in June or July at last.

Despite Zane’s popularity in the scene, this is all just speculation without any real evidence. Arena of Valor was designed to be a reskinned version of Kings of Glory to appear to audiences outside of China, so to suddenly undermine years of work and just release a translated version of the original game seems like a strange move. Stranger things have happened, but June/July isn’t too far away. We’ll see what happens.