Cyber Hunter is Giving Away Free 500 Credits - Here’s How You Can Get Them Too!

Hello Cyber hunter Players, In the celebration of crossing over 10K Members on the Official Cyber Hunter Discord Server, NetEase Games is giving away 500 Credits to 10 Random players. Today, In in this Post we are going to tell you guys, how you can win this 500 Cyber Hunter Credits officially for free.

It is actually very easy, all you have to do is join the Official Cyber Hunter Discord Group. Once you have successfully joined the Cyber Hunter Official Discord Server, then simply head down to 'Announcement' channel and there you will find the 500 Cyber hunter Credit Giveaway and to take part in this you have to just simply react to it.


Once you have reacted, then you have successfully taken part in the contest, now keep your fingers crossed as the winner will be announced on 23th May 2019. Good Luck!