Dead Cells Mobile Version Releasing Very soon

Motion Twin the developers of the Dead Cells are almost ready to launch the mobile version of the game, and the same will be done in this summer. The games like MetroidVania that knocks players down over and over as they acquire new abilities and equipment to grow stronger was previously released for consoles and the PC platform. A release on iOS devices will come first at some point in the summer, and the game will later be playable on Android devices.


Dead Cells did quite well when it was released on the other platforms and you may also remember it as the game which was the center of the review scandal. But it's much better known for its challenging, combat-heavy gameplay that encourages players to grow their arsenals and adapt.

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The layout of the levels changes as well, so even after a player dies and must restart at beginning of the game, the experience is never quite the same the second time or any playthrough after that. There are multiple paths to get through the game, so if you ever find that one area is more challenging than another, you can simply choose the route that works best for you.

Controls in Dead Cells have been adapted to fit the mobile format, though according to details shared on game publisher Playdigious' site, the game will also support the use of an external controller.

There will be two modes available in the game - Original & Auto-Hit. There will be option of custom controls and more touch control options will be available i.e. The player can change the buttons' position and size as he wishes etc.

Pay once to get the full Dead Cells experience! A press release stated the game would cost €9.99, so expect it to be available for similar prices in different regions. But no precise release date has been announced for the mobile version of Dead Cells.