Apex Legends Will Come to Mobile Devices Soon: EA

When one random day Apex Legends was suddenly released by Respawn Entertainment, the battle royale genre was hit by a storm. Nobody expected Apex Legends to go Super Viral. The Games gathered a massive player base of 50 Million Players in record time.

Since the it's release on 4th February on PC and Consoles the community is actively asking it's developer i.e. Electronic Arts to bring this game on the Mobile Devices.

Image result for EA Apex Legends Conference

Electronic Arts announced their plans to bring Apex Legends to more platforms in a Conference of 7th May 2019. In this meeting, the publisher confirmed that Apex Legends was their fastest growing new game, as a result of which the company is now working on bringing the game on other platforms, so that it can reach out to everyone.

However they did not give an estimate time of the game to arrive on mobile devices. But according to our knowledge you can expect to play Apex Legends on Mobile this Christmas.