Cyber Hunter Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Cyber Hunter is a brand new open world Survival battle Royale Game launched by none other then NetEase Games ( Developers of Rules of Survival). Today in this post we are going to tell you guys some basic tips & tricks which you could use to Win easily in Cyber Hunter Game. After playing 100's of matches in the game we decided on 3 very important Tips & Tricks which we want to share with you guys to make your experience in Cyber Hunter Battle Royale Game better.

Top Tree Cyber Hunter Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Introduction: Common Battle Royale Rules Apply Here in cyber Hunter. If you are already good in mobile battle royale games such as Pubg Mobile, Fortnite Mobile, then you will have no problem in ranking up in this game. In The very first game land at a place with only 2-3 houses so that you can learn how the game works and after than you can start playing aggressively. Also make sure to reach in Safe Zone on time always.

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  • Be a Good Team Player

When you are playing Duo's & Squad's in Cyber hunter then the most important things to win a game is to be a good Team Player. Make sure you save one slot for a skill which heals you and your teammates. Also use Healing Devices, First-Aid Device, and Shield Wall.

During the match make sure you stick close to your teammates and are using a headset to communicate with them and make proper strategies. Make sure you guys divide among yourself in various weapon classes, such as One can be a Sniper, One Can be a Assault , One Can be a Support and One can be Leader. Also always make sure you guys keep a vehicle nearby to quickly move.

  • Keep an Eye on Rewards Granted By the Achievement

Cyber Hunter is all about this. Make sure you complete the daily missions, daily sign-in rewards as well as try to complete other achievements in the game and claim the rewards once you manage to finish them. By doing so you surely will increase your chances of winning a game in cyber hunter.

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  • Use Booster Cards before you start playing

As soon as you Start Cyber Hunter Game, go straight into your inventory and check if you have any booster cards available. If yes activate them without thinking for once, so that you can earn extra V-Coins and EXP for 1 day. These boosters will provide you with more currency for 'Elite Supply' purchases and the EXP needed to increase your Player Level. AS we all know Higher Level of players lead to more unlocked skills, which can be a huge advantage in a Fight.