PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 update: All About Easter Eggs

PUBG Mobile introduced a new feature in the 0.12.0 update by the name of "Easter Eggs" to mark the celebration of Easter. Easter Eggs offer battle points, skins and apparels for your characters.

There are two types of Easter Eggs that you can collect in the game. The first type of Easter egg can be found under the Spring Draw tab and when players click on the draw tab, they will find a little egg lying behind some plants on their device screen. Taping on them will open it and players will get a chance to choose some new apparel to groom their character’s appearance in the game.


The second Easter egg players can find in the game is a Vibrant Egg which can be found in different locations as players continue playing the PUBG Mobile game and go through the length of the map. Players need to collect five of these eggs and this will give them access to another crate that can be found under the events tab. The crate contains maximum battle points and cool prizes.