YouTuber Markiplier to appear in AFK Arena

YouTube giant Mark "Markiplier" Fischbach has announced a collaboration with the popular mobile game AFK Arena. Markiplier is popular for his gaming and satire videos. Over the course of 8 years, the YouTuber has earned over 27 Million subscribers as well as over 14 Billion views on his channel. Mark posted a humorous "fake trailer" video on his YouTube account to bring light to this. And this was followed by AFK Arena's twitter handle to officially announce their partnership. This is their second celebrity collaboration in a week as LillithGames just partnered up with Elijah Woods last week.

Markiplier's "Official" Trailer

Post Update Changes:

After the update, the players will be able to come across Markiplier in the Noble Tavern where he will be found as the Barkeeper. Not only that, but Mark Fischbach has had his voice added to AFK Arena where he will be able to help the players in order to summon new Heroes. Mark will be found alongside his dog, Chica. He is supposedly taking over the Tavern from the tavern owner's daughter, Dolly. This will surely bring more players to the game. Markiplier and RPG games alike are definitely going to be looking forward to playing this.

Free AFK Arena Gold and Diamonds

For a limited time, there are a few codes for all AFK Arena players, whether a regular player of AFK Arena or a new player. So currently if you enter the code 'BestRPG4BusyU' you will be able to claim 500,000 Gold and 500 Diamonds for yourself. There is also a hidden code as a result of this collaboration. If you type "afkmarkiplier" as the redemption code, you'll get 300 Diamonds and 30 Elite Hero Soulstone. Make sure to apply these codes as soon as possible or they may expire quite soon.

AFK Arena is free to download on iOS and Android. That's all for this post folks! For more AFK Arena content and much more, keep in touch with Mobile Mode Gaming!