Free Fire October 2020 Hacker's Store: How To Spin & Win

The Hacker's Store Event is quite popular among Free Fire players. To satisfy the player's demand, developers also introduce this event to the game almost every month. The month just started, and the October 2020 edition of the Hacker's Store event is here. It is live in the game between October 2, 2020, to October 8, 2020.


For those living under the rocks, Free Fire Hacker's Store is a Spin to Win event but with certain differences. Here you get to choose 2 out of 6 items in your prize pool. In this post, we will share complete details about Hacker's Store October 2020 event.

How To Play Free Fire Hacker's Store Event?

As you enter the Hacker's Store event lobby, you get to see 6 items with 'Grand Prize Selection' written over them. Besides that, there is 'Bonus Prize Selection' in which also there are 6 items. You have to select one item from each tab that you want to be added to the final prize pool. The rewards options available are:

Grand PrizesBonus Prizes
White Shadow BundleClu character
Battle Goddess BundleRobo Pet
Devil Hunter BundleParty Dance Emote
Scar - Aurous Dragon (Skin)Painted Omen
MP40 - Slaughter Party (Skin)Name Change Card
M60 - Crimson Red (Skin)Spring Festival Robo (Pet Skin)

After selecting one item from each tab, click on 'Confirm.' After that, you reach at the spin screen. Here you get to see a total of 6 items in the prize pool, including the 2 you selected. The reason behind extra items is to decrease your chances of directly getting your preferred items.

The 4 other items available in the prize pool are:

  1. Resupply Map Playcard [3D]
  2. Double Gold Card [7D]
  3. Weapon Royale Voucher [Expire By 30 Nov]
  4. Diamond Royale Voucher [Expire By 30 Nov]

Now you have to click on 'Click To Draw' to make spins and get items. As there are 6 items in the prize pool, you need to make total 6 spins to get all the items. You might be thinking, why would I make all 6 spins when I can get the preferred items even in fewer spins. So we would like to let you know, there are very fewer chances of it happening. You will get the preferred items only in the last two spins.

To make the spins, you have to spend diamonds starting from 9 for the first spin. The price keeps on increasing with each spin, and all six spins cost you 874 diamonds in total. Here is the price break up for each spin:

  • First Spin - 9 Diamonds
  • Second Spin - 19 Diamonds
  • Third Spin - 49 Diamonds
  • Fourth Spin - 99 Diamonds
  • Fifth Spin - 199 Diamonds
  • Sixth Spin - 499 Diamonds

The items you get by making spins in the event directly get credited in your vault/collection and grey out from the prize pool to restrain repetition.

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Enter the Hacker's Store now and grab the rewards before the store closes on October 8, 2020. That's it for this post! Stay tuned with MobileModeGaming for the latest Free Fire news & updates!