PUBG Mobile New 1.9 Update Details: Melee Throw, Exo Suit, Spike Trap, Warehouse 2.0 & Much More

PUBG Mobile recently got its 1.0 update on September 8, 2020, that brought the most-awaited Erangel 2.0, among other features. Erangel is the most-like map by players in the game, and its reworked version Erangel 2.0 comes with a new gameplay experience. But do you know, the upcoming update ‘PUBG Mobile 1.9’ will also bring some exciting features that will add glory to Erangel 2.0 or let say to the whole gameplay experience.


The PUBG Mobile new update 1.9 is going to bring new game modes, new events, new mechanics, the Warehouse 2.0 map, and much more. This article will discuss all of PUBG Mobile Upcoming Updates in detail. So let’s begin:

New Grenade Effect

The grenade effect is being changed to more realistic. Earlier, there used to be only black smoke with the blast of a grenade. But after the update, we can see the fire coming out of the blast. Now it is going to be more fun to boom the grenades.

Also, the Throw Mode Switch Button does not reset grenades anymore. There are both pros and cons of this feature. The pros are players can now switch the throwing mode at the last moment if they feel it necessary to change the grenade’s dropping location. They do not have to cook the grenade again. The cons are some players used to use this button to cancel the targeted grenade, but it won’t happen anymore. Now they would have to make their habit to press the cancel button.

New Grenade Switch (Optional)

A new option is being added to switch your grenade. In this method, you just need to tap on the grenade icon, and all the available grenades will appear in the circle. Now swipe towards the one you want to choose.

Grenade Changes

  • Smokes will activate 1 second after landing.
  • Smoke TPP/FPP bug fixed.
  • Flashbang will activate after 0.7 seconds of landing.
  • Molotov range increased by 20%, and there is a slight increase in damage also.
  • Frag grenade damage to players reduced.

Now there is no need to cook the grenades and then throw them. But keep in mind, after completion of the time, they will blast automatically. To understand the process in simple terms. The time allotted to activate the smoke grenade is 6 seconds, and it is 5 seconds for Flashbang. Earlier, players had to wait for the completion of this time for the grenade’s effect.

But after the update, the Smokes will activate after 1 second of landing and Flashbangs after 0.7 seconds of landing. So your smoke lands in 2 seconds, by the 3rd second, it will get activated. If Flashbang hits the ground in 2 seconds, after 2.7 seconds, its effect can be seen. This is one of the much-needed features in PUBG Mobile.

Carry Multiple Melee Weapons

After the update, players can carry as many melee weapons they want. Also, there is no restriction on the variety. Earlier only one melee weapon was allowed. This new feature is being introduced in pursuance of another new melee throw feature coming to the game.

Melee Throw

The new melee throw feature is coming to PUBG Mobile after introducing it a while back on the PC version. Like the grenades, players can now throw Pan, Sickle, etc. also to hit the enemy. Now you must be confused about what the fire button does? Will it throw the melee weapon or swing it in the air to hit the enemy?

The solution is, when you have a melee weapon in your hand, the reload button turns into throw options. So you can use the fire button to swing the weapon to hit a nearby enemy and use the reload button to throw it and hit the enemy at a distance.

Gyroscope Up To 400 Sensitivity

Earlier the maximum sensitivity option available with Gyroscope was 300, but with the update, it will be increased to 400. Now players have the option to set it on 100 more points as per their preference.

Volume Control For Each Teammate

After the update, players will have the option to control the volume of each teammate. Earlier, there used to be the only mute and un-mute system for each teammate. But now players can choose to listen one louder and another in faded volume. It will be beneficial for avoiding teammates who speak a lot than playing the game.

Spike Traps

The Spike strips can be used to stop the movement of wheeled vehicles by puncturing their tires. Just leave them on the place where you think the enemies will pass away by using the vehicles and take the best position to blast the punctured vehicle of enemies before they come out of it.

This new addition will witness a lot of new gameplay strategies. It can be a beneficial tool to use while bridge blocking. Let’s see how players come up with different ideas to use Spike Strips.

New Easter Egg Near Zharki

A new fun place has been added near Zharki. Here you can see four toy horses to ride that are intended for the fun of the whole squad together. You can ride these toy horses on a small straight track. But beware of enemies while having fun.

Warehouse 2.0 with RPG Mode

After Erangel 2.0, the players-favorite Team Deathmatch mode is getting the Warehouse 2.0 map. The map will remain the same but will come with much more detailed graphics for a realistic experience. The RPG matches will also take place there, where you get to experience using the RPG on the small Warehouse map that brings lots of blasts.

Event Mode: Mid Autumn Festival

In the waiting area, players will get something like Cookies to through at each other. It is similar to Apple, Angry Birds, etc. we received with different events. To whosoever the cookie hits, his head becomes similar to sunflower.

Players will also get to see an in-game platform that is dangling in the air. It will have lamps as stairs, by jumping on those you can reach to the platform. The platform looks quite peaceful above, where you can sit on the table and have some cookies. Coming back from there does not require you to go back by stairs; instead, you can jump directly and parachute to the ground.

Rabbit Like Vehicle

A new rabbit-like vehicle will also be available to the game that you can keep in your backpack. It is also coming as a part of the Autumn festival. After eating cookies on the platform dangling in the air, you can see a lamp flying with an airdrop near the platform. Jump from the platform and shoot the airdrop so that it can lie on the ground. After that, a big rabbit will come out of it on which you can ride like a bike.

Event Mode: Fantastic Voyage

In this new mode, you will get to see a museum on Waiting Island. You can go inside the museum and interact with the things placed there. Apart from that, you will also get to see ancient buildings on the map. From inside, these buildings give you the feel of Prince of Persia game (if you remember).

Here you have to do some puzzle-solving tasks. After completing all of them, you get to pick a secret item from the building. Using this, an orange color circle appears around you that boosts your’s and teammates’ energy. The circle moves with you, and to boost the energy, your teammates have to stick with you. It remains for a fixed time period only.

New Mode: Extreme Hunt

In this mode, apart from the loot lying on the ground, you also collect money. Using this money, you can buy various items, including the Exo Suit, Ammo Boxes, Respawn Card, etc. The purchase can be made at the different establishments available on the map. After wearing the Exo Suit, you become too powerful to take down an enemy in one punch.

You even steal the shop’s money by breaking the glass (only after wearing Exo Suit). The suit also comes with a jetpack that lets you fly for a while. It can be quite interesting to surprise enemies from behind. You can also fire your guns while flying to kill the enemies.

That’s it for this post! These are the leaks coming from the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile (Game for Peace). Stay tuned for more information like these on PUBG Mobile New Update in the future.