Free Fire '13/9 Be The Hero' Event Complete Details: Free Fire Jai Character and Bundle, Free AK Justice Fighter & Much More

As a true Free Fire lover, you must be aware that Indian Bollywood Actor' Hrithik Roshan' making way to the game with the name 'Jai'. The developers decided to introduce the character through an event called 'Be The Hero!'. The event has started in the game from today (September 5, 2020) and will be there until September 17, 2020. In this post, we will share full details about the Free Fire Be The Hero Event.


Free Fire Be The Hero Event Calendar:

  • Event Period: September 5 to September 17, 2020
  • Be The Hero Event Peak Day: September 13, 2020
  • Collect Golden Magazine to redeem Jai's Bundle: September 5 to September 15, 2020
  • Redeem Jai's Costume & Other Rewards - September 13 to September 15, 2020
  • Golden Magazine Purchase Open - September 13 to September 15, 2020
  • Peak Day Login Rewards - September 13, 2020
  • Collect Jai Jigsaw Pieces to redeem Jai character - September 10 to September 13, 2020
  • Redeem Jai Character - September 13 to September 17, 2020
  • Jigsaw Pieces Purchase Open - September 13 to September 17, 2020

Collect Golden Magazine To Redeem Jai's Bundle (5 to September 15):

Between the period, you can collect Golden Magazines by completing certain daily missions. The missions include Login daily, playing 1 game with friends, and making certain kills while playing. There is not specified any game mode to complete the missions, so play any mode you prefer. There are 5 missions daily and reward you with 5 Golden Magazines.

You can claim your Golden Magazines from Events -> 13/9 Be The Hero! -> Collect Tokens tab. If you did not understand the process properly, refer to our detailed guide on collecting the Golden Magazines. After collecting enough tokens, you can redeem them for Jai character's exclusive bundle and character's memory fragments.

Collect Jai Jigsaw Pieces To Redeem Jai Character (10 to September 13):

In this period, you need to collect the jigsaw pieces. Basically, these are the parts of the Jai character's image puzzle. Between this period, you will get 1 piece daily by Login. You will get to share a link that will reward you with one puzzle piece for each click on that link. If you managed to get 3 clicks in a day, you get 1 additional puzzle piece.

If you did not understand the process properly, refer yo our detailed guide on collecting the Jai Jigsaw pieces.

Claim Jai Character (13 to September 17) and His Costume (13 to September 15):

From September 13, 2020, players will get the option to redeem the Jai character and his bundle using the Jigsaw pieces and Golden Magazine they collected. If you could not collect enough number of Golden Magazines and Jigsaw pieces, developers would allow them to purchase them for diamonds to redeem the rewards.

The costume can be redeemed from Events -> 13/9 Be The Hero! -> Redeem Jai's Bundle! Tab. The Jai character redeem lobby is yet to be introduced in the game with features like sharing links and all.

Be The Hero Event Peak Day & Rewards (September 13):

Every major event of Free Fire comes with a peak day that brings many free rewards to the player and exclusive login reward. The peak day of Free Fire 13/9 Be The Hero Event is September 13, 2020. By Login to the game on this day, you can get AK47-Justice Fighter Skin and Golden Magazine (x5). Apart from that, you will receive 4 Jigsaw pieces by check-in to the game on the peak day.

Callback Friends For Arctic Flame Bundle (10 to September 13):

The Callback Friends event will make its way as a part of Be The Hero event also. This time it will bring the 'Arctic Flame' bundle as a reward. In this event, you have to call back friends who are inactive in the game for more than 7 days. The lobby of the event is yet to be introduced in the game.

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