Dominate The Duo Ranked In Free Fire By Mastering These Tips & Tricks

Free Fire Battle Royale solo is to finesse the skills is what duo is to team spirit and sportsmanship. The latter is significantly hard to combat yet more fun when played with kith and kin. The only unfunny thing about it is when you lose your game constantly and consecutively, it may embarrass you for your combat skill or naiveness to the game per se. So here are some tips for digging out the prowess in you.


Finding and Mastering a Spot

Every cock-fights best on its own dunghill. Similarly, if you're a beginner and/or amateur to the game, consider finding and mastering a pre-decided location. Explore every sake of it that no other beat you in your own locality. If, on the other hand, you land on alien locations every time, you'd probably be a bait to the hunter around.

Use Coordinates for Preciseness

Won't you be confused if your teammate tells you there's an enemy there? Now, what is 'there'? 'There' can be anywhere, right? So try using coordinates every time you want to convey something of a direction. The vagueness of laymen's terms should be replaced with gaming jargon. And it isn't hard anyway.

Revive and Use First Aid Simultaneously

Most of the time, we end up in a dire situation, be it amidst combat with enemies or being out of the safe zone. Remember to use first aid, along with reviving your teammate simultaneously. This is one of the best tips to always keep in mind. This just not saves time alone but helps you to dodge out uncertain events in the game.

Using Treatment Gun

A treatment gun is used to heal the teammate by your end. It heals them up by 20 health points per shot. This is, however, to be considered that treatment guns are of no use in solo Battle Royales. If you don't have a teammate, this tip could be useless for you. But for those who play with a sidekick in a match, watch out; you have only 25 bullets to shoot. Aim it wisely!

Talk to Your Teammate

In a duo mode, both the teammates should be a support to each other. By an effective communication comes an easy game of win. So talk to the events around you, and make the other aware so that combat and adventure get divided amongst the two. By the way, what fun is a game when you don't communicate with your teammate and play all mute?

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