Call Of Duty Mobile: Emulator and Mobile Players To Play on Different Servers

If you are Mobile Players, and felt really sad when you get to know that Call of Duty Mobile has been also released officially for the PC players. Then Don't be, because there is nothing to be sad about. The developers of Call of Duty Mobile has made it very clear that Emulator Players will play on a different server than Mobile Players, thus mobile players will not be matched against emulator players, so there is nothing to worry about.


Furthermore, if you have both emulator and mobile players in your team, then you will also be matched against a similar team. Making all the matches in call of duty mobile fair and just.

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However, though not officially announced but we recommend users to play the game on Mobile Devices if you won't take part in the upcoming Call of Duty Mobile tournaments as for sure emulators players will be banned from all the eSports tournaments of the game.