Last Valiant by Runewaker Entertainment is Available to Download

Hello Mobile Gamers, Runewaker Entertainment has released its new mobile Role Playing Game (RPG) Last Valiant, which you can download from the link given at the end of the post. In Last Valiant the eternal struggle between light and dark has reached to a boiling point and the invasion has begun. So now it is on you to take the situation back in the favor of good. Let's have a look of the game trailer below.


There are tons of heroes available in Last Valiant and each of them has their own unique skills and abilities. You need to discover the different synergies in order to construct a perfect team which can save the world. There is a lot of equipment available which you can customize with the varieties of possibilities. A perfect weapon and armor will compliment your character build.

In Last Valiant you need to fight against the legendary bosses and conquer the epic monsters, which will provide you with the priceless loot. the harder the fight will be, the better rewards you will get. There is a guild war option available by which you can invite your friends and team up with them to conquer the world. The best thing is, even if you are offline, your heroes will adventure for you by which they will gain the experience and loot while you are away.

Click here to Download from Google Play

Click here to Download from iOS App Store

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