Free Fire 3rd Anniversary Cake Blow Event Details

Free Fire is currently celebrating its 3rd anniversary in the game. For the same, a 3rd anniversary event introduced in the game that has brought a lot of rewards for the players. In continuance of the anniversary celebration, a new event called '3.2.1 Blow!' has made its way to the game.


In this event, you have to blow the candles of the anniversary cake to get the rewards. The event is live between 18th August 2020 to 24th August 2020. Other events of anniversary celebration are completely free, but in this event, you have to spend diamonds to get the rewards.

As you enter the 3.2.1 Blow event lobby, you can notice a cake with 30 candles lighting around it. You have to blow these candles to get rewards. There are rewards for each blow you make. The rewards include normal prizes and grand prizes. Normal prizes you get with every blow, but on 10th, 20th, and 30th blow, you get the three grand prizes.

What Is The Price of Spins In 3.2.1 Blow Event?

The first blow is available at a 50% discount and costs you only 17 diamonds. After that, each blow costs you 35 diamonds. The total amount of diamonds required for making 30 blows to get all grand prizes is 1032 diamonds.

What Are Prizes/Rewards In 3.2.1 Blow Event?

Grand Prizes

  • Maniac Sidekick Backpack - Blow 10 Candles
  • Plague Maniac Mask - Blow 20 Candles
  • Hysteria Gloo Wall Skin - Blow 30 Candles

Normal Prizes

  • Cube Fragment
  • Diamond Royale Voucher (x30)
  • Abyssal XM8 Box
  • Hipster Bunny M79 Box
  • Executor P90 Box
  • Kpop Stardom Gun Box
  • Digital Invasion Gun Box
  • Game Streamer Gun Box
  • Violet Terror Gun Box
  • Shark Attack Gun Box

If you ask us whether you should spend diamonds on this event or not? Our answer would be a huge no because there is clearly nothing than the three grand prizes to look for. Spending a thousand diamonds for these rewards doesn't make any sense. We would say you can save the diamonds for any other event.

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