COD Mobile: The All New Shipment 1944 Map Details And Tips & Tricks

Call of Duty: Mobile has finally released its Season 9 from today, i.e., 16th August 2020. The game players had been waiting for too long for the arrival of this much-awaited season. Call of Duty: Mobile has seen tremendous growth in the number of users for the past six months.


The exclusive Season 9 has come up with many new features. The game patch notes are already out. The new features include the Gunsmith Feature, a new Shipment 1944 map, and lots more. In this post, we will share details about the COD Mobile new Shipment 1944 map.

Details of the COD Mobile Shipment 1944 Map:

Shipment 1944 Map will be available for all the players across all the servers from 00.00 UTC on 16th August 2020. The map is small in size and contains many graphics related to ports and dockyards and is the highlight of Season 9 in COD Mobile.

Shipment 1944 is a classic map and is smaller in size. Shipment 1944 Map supports every type of match available in Call of Duty: Mobile. Team Death Match, Domination, Free for All, Hardpoint, Gunfight, Ultra Rapid Fire, 1v1, Kill Confirmed and Team Deathmatch 10v10 can be played in the Shipment 1944 Map.

The Shipment 1944 Map is exciting to play. It consists of several spots for cover and an open arena for a battle between the squads. The graphics are long-dated, but it brings with it the historical feel of playing.

Tips & Tricks for COD Mobile Shipment 1944 Map:

The Shipment 1944 Map is a relatively smaller map. We advise you to use lighter weapons in the match as it will help you move faster. You can also use Shotguns as they can too tend to be useful in a small map like this. Maintain scorestreaks to gain the momentum over your opponent.

If you haven’t tried the Shipment 1944 Map, we recommend you to try the amazing map.

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