PUBG Mobile: Season 14 Purchase Bonus Event Details & Rewards

PUBG Mobile has always come up with exciting themes, events, and rewards for the players in each new season. Season 14 has excitingly come up with two new themes, various events, and excellent Royale Pass Rewards. The season 14 update is truly amazing.


In a span of a month, PUBG Mobile has come up with various big events. The first one being Spark The Flame, it was followed by The Blazing Treasure and finally The Ancient Secrets. As of every season, the current season also consists of the Purchase Bonus Event. 

PUBG Mobile Season 14 Purchase Bonus Event Details:

Season 14 Purchase Bonus Event began in the first week of August. The event is available for all the game players across all the servers till midnight of 13th September 2020. The players can avail the special event and earn the exclusive rewards that are available.

Purchase Bonus Event is available on the home screen of PUBG Mobile. You can go through every detail of the event by clicking on the events page. Unlike the other mission and earn reward theme events, Purchase Bonus Event is UC based event. You have to buy UC and earn the reward.

Details of the Rewards and UC requirement:

Pink Hedgehog Headgear

The Pink Hedgehog Headgear is the most basic reward available in the Purchase Bonus Event. As the name suggests, the Headgear is Pink in color and consists of black horns on it. You can earn this reward by buying 60 UC in total.

Pink Hedgehog Set

The Pink Hedgehog Set is the most thrilling closet of Season 14. The Character Set is Brown-Copper in color and has green edges on the upper side and light brown on lower. It has thorns on either the upper side and is available for buying 120 UC in total.

Pink Hedgehog Mini-14

Pink Hedgehog Skin for Mini-14 is probably the best ever skin for Mini-14 till now. It consists of several colors, like Pink, Green, and Brown. It consists of a Pink body and Brown edges. It is available for buying 180 UC in total.

Hurry up and don’t wait for the event to end. Buy UC and claim exclusive rewards! If you want to know how to get free UC, read out this article.

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