How To Collect FF Token In Free Fire To Collect 'Gather Patch Energy' Rewards

Free Fire is going to introduce the OB21 update in the game that will bring various new features in the game, such as two new characters, a new pet, a new mode, and much more. You can check out the Free Fire OB21 update details

Just like the Kalahari Map of OB20 update, in Free Fire OB21 update, the center of attraction is going to be the new character Kapella, that's why it is being called the Kapella Patch. To promote the Kapella Patch, the developers have introduced a new event, 'Gather Patch Energy', in the game.


The Gather Patch Energy event has been started in the game from 30th March 2020 and will be there in the game till 5th April 2020. So don't miss out the chance to collect the rewards that can be used for upgrading your favorite characters in the game that is one of the most hectic works in the game.

In Free Fire Gather Patch Energy Event, you have to collect FF Gift Box tokens that can be redeemed for the various rewards. You can collect these FF Gift Box tokens into the matches only. You start playing the match and shoot the energy cores you get to see on the map.

After blasting the energy core, there appear FF Gift Box tokens. Pick that up and after collecting enough number of tokens head to the 'New patch is coming' section to exchange them for the various exclusive rewards available.

The rewards in Free Fire 'Gather Patch Energy' event includes:

  • Character Level 6 Card - FF Gift Box token x 25
  • Universal Fragment x 500 - FF Gift Box token x 10
  • Universal Fragment x 200 - FF Gift Box token x 5
  • Universal Fragment x 30 - FF Gift Box token x 1

Using Character Level 6 Card, you can choose a character you own and level it up to level 6 instantly. You will also receive the level up rewards. The various amount of Universal Fragment can be transformed into the Memory Fragment of any characters, that can also be used for upgrading your favorite characters. So upgrade your favorite characters before the event ends on 5th April 2020.

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