Free Fire August 2020 Luck Royale Changes

With the new OB23 update coming out, there have been many changes added to the game. It includes new characters, old modes like Cold Steel returning, and various other goodies and features. Along with this, there have also been several changes made to the Luck Royale this season.


For people who are not familiar with what Luck Royale is, here is a brief intro. The Luck royale is the microtransactions system in the game, which allows the players to win gifts by spending money. The gifts in the Luck Royale are mostly accessories and barely have any effect on the battlefield. So without further delay, let's get straight to the changes.

Diamond Royale

The Diamond Royale requires you to spend 60 diamonds for one spin, and 600 diamonds for ten spins with one free spin as a gift. The new rewards in the Diamond Royale include "The age of Gold" bundle. A certain number of spins allows you to win crates.

Gold Royale

The Gold Royale is like the Diamond Royale, but it offers a free spin once daily. The payment for this is through coins. You need 300 coins for a single spin and 3000 coins for 10 spins, which also gives an extra spin. The new prize includes 'The Navy Girl' bundle. Here too, a certain number of spins get you reward crates.

Weapon Royale

The rules here are the same as the other 2. The rates differ. Here a spin costs 40 diamonds, and 400 diamonds allow you to get 10 spins and an extra spin. The gifts are normally weapon skins, and the grand prize in this is the "Groza-Great Plunder."

Incubator Royale

The Incubator helps you win the rarest of the rarest gifts. Spending 40 diamonds, you earn one spin, and 180 diamonds you earn five spins. Currently the main prize is 'M1014 - Apcalyptic' skin.

Soccer Royale

In this newest component, the player can earn soccer jerseys with each spin. The other gifts include memory fragments. Here, by spending 60 diamonds, you can get 1 spin, and by spending 600 diamonds, you earn 10 spins plus an extra spin.

Character Roayle

The character Royale mostly provides you with the latest character addition of the game. Currently, the newest character in Free Fire is Luqueta. Hence Luqueta is available in Character Royale as the main reward, among other rewards that include other characters and fragments. Here one spin costs you 25 diamonds, whereas ten spins cost 250 diamonds with one extra spin for free.

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