Free Fire OB23 Update And August 2020 Roadmap (Events)

Nothing is permanent except change, and change is what happened when Free Fire dropped the OB23 update. It was definitely worth the wait and had some great goodies, features, and additions to the game. Now let's dive into the August Roadmap and look at all the things we can expect from the update;


Elite Pass Season 27 Pre-Order (July 29 To July 31)

The Elite Pass is something that makes a big difference between most players. But pre-ordering it will also make the player stand out. The reason is that for all those players who pre-order, the Pass will get a unique Japanese inspired mask.

Era Of Gold Diamond Royale (July 30 To August 25)

This Gold Diamond Royale is here to stay for the month. It allows the players to earn the Era of the Gold outfit, which sports a black and gold look and a matching mask.

Elite Pass Challenge (July 29 To August 2)

In this challenge, the players have to play everyday in-order to maximize their awards. Here the players have to defeat other players in order to earn loot cases.

Cold Steel Mode Comeback (July 31 To August 6)

The thing about updates is that they bring back some game modes which were removed, and this time it was the turn of'Cold Steel Mode' to make a comeback. In this mode, players have to duel it out with each other, not with guns but with just throwing knives.

Power Balance Web event (July 31 To August 18)

In this event, there will be 2 sides, and the player has to charge each side by spending diamonds. If both sides are equally charged, then the player will win 2 grand prizes instantly. When the player charges a side completely, he wins a prize from that side.

Order Challenger Groza Weapon Royale (July 31 To August 18)

This event gives the players a chance to win a unique order Challenger Groza.

Bright August Event (August 2 To August 15)

This event allows the players to play, kill, and survive, and in return for this, they get 16 crates a day.

Steffi Graffitti (August 4 To August 10)

Steffi Graffiti is a new character in the game. Her special ability called 'Painted Refuge' creates a Graffiti that reduces explosive damage by 15% and bullet damage by 5% for 5 seconds.

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