Desync Issues To Be Solved in Next Season of Call of Duty Mobile

Desync has been a major issue in Call of Duty Mobile for a long time, and many players are super annoyed by it. The developers of COD Mobile has already taken many steps to get the desync issue under control. If you have noticed, then there have been a few small updates in Call of Duty Mobile, which has been done to make improvements to this problem.


What is Desync?

If you are wondering what desync means, then in technical terms, it means; when data packets are sent over the internet, it takes time to reach the server and then back to respective clients, i.e., synchronization. In easy words, while playing - when enemies start shooting at you and even though you get in cover, you still keep getting shots from them and eventually die. Or while playing sometimes, you feel like the enemies one-shot killed you, but when you look at the death cam, it shows they shot you at least 3-4 bullets. Well, this is what desync is, or you can say the effect of desync.

Why is Desync a Problem in Call of Duty Mobile?

Desync has always been a problem in multiplayer shooting games. In Call of Duty Mobile, it is a major issue, and many famous You-Tubers like Josteka, Bobby, HawksNest, and iFerg are also complaining about the same problems in many of their videos.

Future Action of Call of Duty Regarding Desync

Call of Duty Mobile has recently released its new community update. There, they mentioned the Desync Issue and said, " We are hoping this issue will either be fixed entirely or significantly improved in the next update. If you still see this issue after downloading the new update, please reach out to our support teams so we can investigate further, escalate, and make sure that our teams can prioritize the issue".

So it looks like the desync issue will be permanently solved in the next update of Season 9, and all players will have a fair opportunity to fight against each other. Also if you have any further inquiries about the same then do let us know in the comment section below.

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