Free PUBG Mobile Premium Crate Coupon From Blazing Treasure Event

If you are veteran PUBG Mobile player, we are pretty sure you already know about this trick, but to all the new players - today in this post we are going to share with a short and simple trick via which you can get a Free PUBG Mobile Premium Crate Coupon via the latest Blazing treasure event which has been added in PUBG Mobile.

The developers always hide an easter egg in the treasured events. As usual, this time also they have hidden it in the latest Blazing treasure event, and if you can find this secret place, you will get a premium crate coupon as a reward.


Here To Get Free PUBG Mobile Premium Crate Coupon:

1. Open PUBG Mobile And Go To Blazing Treasure Event.

2. Click on the Fuel Pump Icon.

3. Tap again to claim free premium crate coupon.

4. Claim Your reward.

Yes, it was that simple and just for a future heads up. The developers always hide a PUBG Mobile premium crate coupon in the treasure event, so next time a new treasure event comes up, simply find the easter egg and get rewards. You can also follow us and we will update you about the latest PUBG Mobile news and updates.

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