Free Fire Dreamy Club Event Details

Free Fire has got another event called 'Dreamy Club' to fetch diamonds from you. It is also called as 'Dreamy's Royal Flush' event. The event brings 'Dreamy club Bundle' as the grand prize, among other items, and to get the items; you have to make spins using diamonds. It is live in the game between 21st to 27th July 2020.


In the event lobby, on the left side of the screen, you can see a bar with five rewards shown near it. Each reward mentioned the number of items required to claim them. Apart from these main rewards, there are certain other small rewards available that you get for each spin you make.

To make the spin, you need to spend diamonds. You can make 1 spin for 20 diamonds and 5 spins for 90 diamonds. As mentioned, you get a small reward for each spin, so among these small rewards, 'Club Tokens' have also been included. You need to get these 5 Club Tokens to redeem all 5 main rewards.

Apart from spending diamonds, you can avail a free spin after every three spins using the button 'Get Free Spin' in the event lobby. By clicking on the button, you can sacrifice three small rewards for a free spin. So after every 3 spins, you can avail a free spin.

Main Rewards of the Event Includes:

  • Dreamy Club Bundle
  • Royal Flush Backpack
  • Chips Case Loot Box
  • Malice Joker Surfboard
  • Clubs Parachute

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