PUBG Mobile Season 7 Royale Pass leaked information

The PUBG update v0.12.5 information has been leaked and it is about the PUBG Mobile Season 7 Royale Pass. The Season 6 is about to end probably on 16th May 2019. The RP will be blocked and every one of us will be pushed down to the lower tiers. Season 6 had many amazing skins and emotes to offer and many new are expected from the PUBG Mobile Season 7.


PUBG Mobile Season 7 leaks were discussed by the reddit user u/H4rD_ArmY. Apart from these leaks the new update will bring the new gun named 'Skorpion', companion pet will also be introduced, some changes will be made in the Erangel map, new death animation will be added etc. The detailed information about these new things can be found here.

The cashback system of 600 UC will remain same, which clearly means once you have bought the Royale Pass after Season 4 (you don't need to buy it again), Season Portable closet and 500 RP points from 6.

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Now coming to the new things which has been added in the new Season. So the first thing is 7 days Unlimited Custom Room Cards at RP 95, which means you can challenge your friends and enjoy hunting them for seven days. The new season will also assure amazing gifts with 10 Royale Pass Crates.

Coming to outfits, there will be a total of 9 outfits and dresses, which will include 1 Mythic Item, 4 Legendary items, 3 Epic, and a common item. The most expressive part of the game is the emote and the skins, which you can brag about, among your friends. Hence PUBG Mobile brings 2 Pan skins, 2 Parachute skins, 2 Backpack skins, 1 Plane skin, 1 Helmet Skin, 2 Car Skins and 3 new emotes to express your emotion as you win or lose. The car skin will be available for the UAZ as the previous two skins were for the Dacia. The list of the skins are incomplete without the gun skins, so PUBG Mobile Season will also come up with 5 new gun skins and among them, 3 will be for the Assault Rifle and 1 each for SMG and Sniper Rifle.

Talking about the new theme, PUBG Mobile Season 7 will be based on Military theme. There will be much more to witness in the new season and the new update.

Stay tuned for the latest PUBG Mobile updates!