Bermuda Map 2.0 Details In Free Fire

Free Fire OB23 update is just around the corner and will be released on 29th July 2020, after taking down the servers for around 8 hours. The new update will bring a lot of new features to the game, including New characters 'Elite Hayato' and 'Luqueta,' New Penguin pet called 'Mr. Waggor' and much more.


Through various posts, we tried to share every upcoming feature of the game. You can check out OB23 upcoming features in detail. In this post, we will make one more addition to the game, which is the new Bermuda Map (Bermuda Remastered / Bermuda 2.0). This new map is going to bring a completely new experience to the players.

Finally, developers have executed the Plan Bermuda and releasing this new map to the game. The new Bermuda map is not going to affect the standard Bermuda map available currently. It will be a separate map with a downloading size of 65MB that is equal to that of a Purgatory map.

It is optional for the players to download it or not. Also, the map is not going to be available for Classic and Ranked match with its release on 29th July (OB23 Update). Players will get to see this map in Clash Squad Mode only. Four new places have been added to the map, and the Clash Squad Matches will be taking place in these new places.

Coming to what changes have been made to the Bermuda Map. In the first instance, you will be able to notice that the height of the Peak area has been increased, and now it is a proper mountain. There are 4 new places have added in the Bermuda 2.0.

  • Hydropower: Added between the Riverside and Plantation
  • Academy: It replaced the Graveyard area
  • Fisherman Greek: It replaced the Rim Nam Village area
  • Yagami Garden: It replaced the Sentosa area

To experience all of these new places after the OB23 update, you will have to play Clash Squad. After experimenting with the map in Clash Squad Mode, developers will make it available in classic mode, followed by a release in Ranked mode.

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