Why Is Free Fire Not Opening Today? - Free Fire 3 June Update

If you are trying to open the Free Fire App, you would not be able to login to the game. You must be wondering what kind of problem is this? So we would like to share with you that it is not a problem or any glitch in your Free Fire App. Also, it is not happening only with you; everyone is facing it right now.

Every time Free Fire receives an update, the developers take the game's servers down for maintenance. With every update, the game receives a lot of new features, and adding them into the game takes a lot of effort and time.


Today Free Fire will be getting its latest OB22 Patch Update in the game that will bring a lot of new features to the game. To avoid any technical glitch, the developers have to take down the servers; otherwise, if players continue to play while adding the new features, the servers might not be able to function normally.

When will Free Fire Open Today (3rd June 2020):

Free Fire servers have been taken down on 3rd June 2020 from 09:30 to 17:30 (GMT +5.5). So we can expect the game to start at 17:30 (GMT +5.5). Due to unavoidable reasons, sometimes, it cannot happen on time and may take a while longer. Be Positive! We will get it by 17:30.

You will only be able to login to the game after updating it with the newest version. As soon as the Free Fire OB22 update features are loaded into the game, you will get to see an update on the play store. You need to download the update from the Play Store, and after that, you will be able to enjoy the game with the newly added features.

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