Tetris By N3TWORK Inc. Game Review: It Is Back With Much More Fun

Tetris is an arcade puzzle game developed by N3TWORK Inc. Tetris is a rather classic and old school game, but not this one! The good old “Tetris” is back officially on the Play Store; it’s just much simpler and modernized than ever. Say bye to the old sophisticated Tetris you used to play on your old devices.


Tetris is one of the most popular electronic games of all time. Millions of players worldwide are going crazy for this game. There were days when to play this game for a limited time, people used to pay a certain amount of money, but now you can download it on your smartphone officially.

It is simple yet hard to conquer the game. Meant for both hardcore Tetris nerds as well as casual Tetris players, this game already has over 100K+ downloads on Google Play Store.

The developers also talk to bring a multiplayer mode to the game in the future. This will allow you to battle with your friends in this classic game fiercely.

The current game application features Traditional gameplay that puts your Tetris skills on the line to master the high score. While the game also includes modern game features such as themes and avatars. You can even customize your screen and make your game playing experience more enjoyable. 

Tetris is genuinely a fantastic game for an old school Tetris fanatic. Many would love to play this game for hours and hours. Tetris is available as a free title on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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