4 Most Popular Games By Infinity Games

Look no further than Infinity Games to provide you with a beautiful array of relaxing games. The company has seen over 50 million downloads of their entire games library and is continuing to grow. Based in Portugal, with subsidiaries in Romania, Turkey, Egypt, and Iran.

They primarily develop in the puzzle games genre and focus on a more casual gameplay style. This approach has seen them become one of the premier studios in the mobile gaming platform.


Infinity Loop

It’s a simple yet relaxing game., it provides the player with an outlet to ease and calm their mind. It features minimalistic and intricate puzzles to solve and not only does Infinity Loop provide a moment of Zen in your daily life but helps to improve your logic skills. You play by simply connecting the lines and corners to achieve perfect connections. The game comes with an infinite amount of levels for you to sink in and relax your way to bliss.

Infinity Loop is available for free on Android and iOS.


Another puzzle-solving game that unlike Infinity Loops requires a little bit more concentration, but is equally rewarding to play. It features more than 50 mini-games to test your brain skills (logic, memory, creativity, speed, reflex, focus etc.). The game may sound overwhelming but it is easy on the eyes. The light colour palette and soothing music ease you into the mode of laid-back gaming to reach your 'Eureka' moment.

Eureka is available for free on Android and iOS.


Similar yet so different from the previous two games mentioned. Your goal is to manage the Railways, move the tracks strategically picking up passengers and averting crashes. It offers the same level of minimalist and artistic elements but this time around with exciting music and striking visuals. The gameplay remains simple to provide the same level of relaxed gameplay. The simple tap or drag controls allow the users to play the game relaxed and unperturbed.

Railways is currently available on Android for free, but it is a title with $3.99USD price tag on iOS.


Another exciting title by Infinity Games that merges their signature minimalist style with simple rules to bring to audiences a calming puzzle game - Traffix. The game is simple you must regulate the traffic within this simple world – from cars, truck, a train and even a plane for you to regulate.

Tap the traffic lights at junctions on the while the colour of the light cycles through Red, Yellow and Green like a real traffic light. You can play across several cities including Paris, Tokyo, Istanbul and Las Vegas. The game comes with a ‘Chaos’ mode for those looking for a tougher challenge.

This game is available on Android and iOS as a premium purchase for $3.99USD.  

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