How To Get Free Clu Character & Detective Bundle In Free Fire

Free Fire is giving away Clu character & its Detective Bundle to the players absolutely for free. Clu is the newest addition to the Free Fire character's family. You can get the character and bundle for free between 9th and 14th July, and it remains for a permanent duration in your account. Let's start with how to get it free.


As you all know, doing Diamond Top-up is the best source of income for the Free Fire. Using diamonds, you can purchase various in-game items that make your gameplay experience better. But the developers don't only think of their own profit, but they always try to give the players something extra.

That is why Free Fire keeps on introducing Top-up events in the game. During these events, if you top-up diamonds in your account, you get various other rewards absolutely for free. This time developers are giving away the Clu Character & its Bundle in the Clu Top-Up Event.

Now, you would say, if we are going to top-up diamonds, then how is it free? So the answer is that you just need to top-up diamonds in your account, and do not need to even spend a single diamond to get the character and bundle.

During the Free Fire Clu Top-Up Event, if you top-up 300 diamonds in your account, you get 'Clu Character' for free, and if you top-up 500 diamonds in your account, you get 'Clu's Detective Bundle' also for free.

To get both items, you are not required to make two separate Top-Ups of 300 and 500 diamonds. You can directly make a single Top-Up of 500 diamonds, and you get both items for free. After doing Top-Up, you can collect items from the Events -> Clu Top Up tab.

You can do Top Ups from Top Up section of Free Fire. But to add something more extra to these extra rewards, we have another option for you. You can Get 100% Diamond Top-Up Bonus In Free Fire Using Games Kharido. So if you top-up for 300 diamonds, you get 600, or if you top-up for 500 diamonds, you get 1000.

We recommend you to top-up with 500 diamonds. By doing this, you will be able to get the Clu character as well as its Detective Bundle for free, and apart from these, you get 1000 diamonds in your account that can be used for purchasing various in-game items.

Claim your free character and its bundle before the Free Fire Clu Top-Up Event gets to end on 14th July 2020. You can check out detailed information about the Clu character.

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