PUBG Mobile Season 14 Rank System Explained

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular battle royale games available on mobile. Just like every battle royale game, PUBG Mobile also follow a ranking system. Whether you are a real pro player or not, decides the rank on which you are in the game.

PUBG Mobile is about to get a Season 14 in the game, which reset all players' ranks and bring them down to a lower rank. In this post, we will share the complete Rank System of PUBG Mobile in Season 14 that will help you rank up fast.


The purpose of the ranks in PUBG Mobile is to give players a fair and competitive environment to display their skills. The lowest rank in the PUBG Mobile is 'Bronze,' and the highest rank in the PUBG Mobile is 'Conqueror.' Let's start with PUBG Mobile All Rank List, and then we will look at the PUBG Mobile Rank Points required to rank up.

List of PUBG Mobile All Ranks 2020

  1. Bronze ( Bronze I – Bronze II – Bronze III – Bronze IV )
  2. Silver ( Silver I – Silver II – Silver III – Silver IV – Silver V )
  3. Gold ( Gold I – Gold II – Gold III – Gold IV – Gold V )
  4. Platinum ( Platinum I – Platinum II – Platinum III – Platinum IV – Platinum V )
  5. Diamond ( Diamond I – Diamond II – Diamond III – Diamond IV – Diamond V )
  6. Crown ( Crown I – Crown II – Crown III – Crown IV – Crown V )
  7. Ace
  8. Conqueror

PUBG Mobile offers various modes in the game, but only Battle Royale mode determines your rank. After every Battle Royale match, you get some experience points that result in increasing your rank. PUBG Mobile is also planning to introduce Unranked Battle Royale mode so that players can experience battle royale without their points get deducted.

PUBG Mobile Rank Points List/Chart 2020

IconTier NameRank Points
Silver-RankingSilver1400 – 1499
Gold-Ranking-PUBGGold1500 – 1599
Platinum-RankingPlatinum1600 – 1699
PUBG-Diamond-RankingDiamond1700 – 1799
Elite-Ranking-PUBGCrown1800 – 1899
PUBG-Master-RankingAce1900 – 1999
PUBG-GrandmasterConquerorTop 500 Players of Server

To rank up fast in PUBG Mobile, you can use Double Experience cards that you can get out of crates or through some events. Using these cards, you get double rank increasing points at the end of every match. Use these cards on the days you have sufficient time to play a lot of matches as these cards generally lasts for 24 hours only.

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