Top 5 Free Games Like Simulacra on Mobile

Simulacra had exploded at the time of its release as it was an innovative, immersive first-person game where the game formatted in a way to make you feel like someone is watching you at all times. You can play it on your phone and truly feel like you're entering a space where you don't belong, and the longer you stay, the more you feel unsafe. 


Here is a list of games that capture the same terrifying essence that makes you check your windows every now and then. Just to be sure.

SIMULACRA: Pipe Dreams

What do you do when the game you're playing is playing you? Kaigan Games OU came out with a free version of Simulacra with a brand new story, new interface, and live-action horrors to unveil. You follow the story of Teddy as he tries to break free of a cursed game on his phone.

He starts to forget some pretty important things, finding messages he has no recollection of. Being a game inside a game, you still use Jabbr and Surfr from the original game, but now the new cursed game called FlapeeBird - it all starts from there.

Explore the multiple horrifying endings and uncover all the secrets. They are all hidden in plain sight. SIMULACRA: Pipe Dreams is available to download on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

SIM - Sara Is Missing

Another game created by the same creators of Simulacra, SIM, is all about a missing gun that disappeared under suspicious circumstances, and the only lead you have is her phone. You actively search for clues on her phone - messages, notes, emails, pictures, and videos. Unlock, uncover, and decrypt.

The main focus of Sara is Missing is the horrors of mobile technology, and the voyeuristic pleasure people get from prying on other people's lives. Multiple choices, multiple endings, and even subplots and additional chilling information.

Receive calls and talk to multiple strangers at the same time. If you get stuck, there is a simulated mobile player always giving you hints. SIM - Sara Is Missing is available to download on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

I Am Innocent

I Am Innocent by Guts United is an original detective game with elements of the puzzle in it. Use realistic phone calls, messages, and even computer hacking to investigate a serious of murders of teenage victims with a personal motive - it was somehow connected to your sister's disappearance many years ago.

Interact with complex and morally gray characters, with ethical conflict and emotional scenes to get you invested. And a lot of mystery to keep coming back to experience it all over again. I Am Innocent is available to download on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.


By the same creators of I Am Innocent, Sentence is a realistic investigation game with deep psychological horror elements. Many young girls have been kidnapped and murdered in a small town. Henry Thompson, a former cop, is a suspect.

There are many hours of gameplay. Like I Am Innocent, you converse with a cluster of characters with flaws and demons of their own. Keep conflict between them under control and choose your messages carefully. Most importantly - don't trust anyone.

Your actions decide the fate of the killer! Download Sentence on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Dead Man's Phone

Created by Electronic Noir Studies, this interactive horror game is still under work and with a tonne of potential. You have a murder victim's phone. Scan for clues in their inbox, photos, and apps. Imagine running an entire police investigation just on the phone. You play as a London detective who's able to even command teams on the ground from the phone.

Conduct 'FaceTime' interrogations, receive calls, and affect headlines. Your goal is to find the killer before he slips away. You can download Dead Man's Phone on Google Play.

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