Golf on Mars, Sequel of Desert Golfing is Out For iOS & Android

Plenty of Golf games have made their way to the different App Stores over the years. And Golf being such a popular sport, its games are quite popular among gamers. Desert Golfing is one such game that made quite a few ripples back in 2014. Now once again, Captain Games, its publisher, has released a new Golf game Golf on Mars for iOS and Android.


Golf on Mars is a unique Golf game that lets the players play Golf on, you guessed it, Mars itself. Set in the year 2866, the game lets the players play Golf on the rocky Martian surface. But playing Golf on Mars isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Since it’s not an exact simulation, players will have to adjust to Mars’ bizarre atmosphere. For instance, since the gravity of Mars is 38% of that of Earth, players would have to hit the ball seven times farther as compared to earth.

The objective of the game is simple – hit the ball in the hole, move on to the next level and repeat. Just like Desert Golfing, Golf on Mars also features lots of levels that players can spend hours and hours playing, without getting bored of the game. Its minimalistic approach in the graphics department makes it for an overall gratifying gaming experience.

If you’re tired of playing the usual Golf games and aren’t afraid to spend a few bucks, then Golf on Mars is the perfect fit for you! And going by Captain Games’ track record, it’s safe to assume that you won’t regret buying it. Oh, and its lack of ads just makes it all the more enticing.

Golf on Mars is available for download via Google Play and Apple App Store.

Note: Golf on Mars is a paid game on both platforms and costs $2.99.