Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship Stage 2 Explained

Stage 1 of Call of Duty Mobile World Championship ended last month, and its time for the Stage 2. All the players who have qualified are eagerly waiting for Stage 2 details, and today in this article, we are going to share with you everything you need to know about the COD Mobile World Championship Stage 2.

Firstly Stage 2 of the COD Mobile World Championship is only for all the players who have qualified in Stage 1. There were 4 weeks and 4 chances given to players to qualify for Stage 2. If you have qualified in any one of the weeks, then you must have received an in-game announcement, confirming that you have qualified for Stage 2.


Now that we are sure that you have qualified for Call of Duty Mobile World Championship Stage 2, So let's discuss other essential details.

Create A Team

Since Stage 1 was all about Solo Qualifiers, the time has come for you to create a team. Only players who have qualified Stage 1 can form a team together for Stage 2. It's up to the players to form either 5 or 6 player teams to compete in Stage 2 of the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2020.

However, keep this in mind that the team you form here will be your team for the entirety of Stage 2, so choose wisely.



  • Any player who plays 30 Ranked Multiplayer Matches with his team will get a 'Phantom - Championship 2020 Soldier'.
  • The Top 512 teams per region in Stage 2 will get 1000 CP.

How Many Teams Will Qualify for Stage 3?

Stage 3 will be the Regional Qualifiers, and the Top 512 teams in Stage 2 will qualify for Stage 3.

How To Qualify for Call of Duty Mobile World Championship Stage 3?

The teams will have to play 30 Ranked Multiplayer Matches during Stage 2. These matches will be scored, and points will be given for Match Wins. Keep in mind that 5 or 6 Team Members should play in Ranked Multiplayer Match together to score these points.

These points will then be used to determine the Top 512 Teams per region, which will then advance to Stage 3 (Regional Finals). The amount of points earned in Stage 2 is based on the team's average player rank, Teams who have 6 players on their roster can change the lineup of their starting roster between matches.


Teams will also have an option to track their progress live via the in-game eSports page (just as in Stage 1).

Player Should be From Same Regions:

This is a very simple and straightforward point. Let's say your team is from North America; then, you cannot have a player in your team from Europe. If your team is from North America, then all the players should also be from North America.

Ranked Queuing Restrictions:

This is a very important point, and all teams should understand it very carefully. So as we know that Call of Duty Mobile has placed some Ranked Queuing Restrictions in the game, such as a Legendary Player cannot play with Pro, Elitre ranked played. This has been done to make the matching fair.

Thus keep in mind that your entire team should be in a similar rank and must be able to play Ranked Matches together to qualify for Stage 3 of the tournament.

This becomes the most critical point because Activision is brining the Ranked Season 5 with the Next Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 update, which means that the player's rank will get a reset. So be very, very careful.

Other Important Things:

  • The player who creates the team will be deemed the "Team Owner". The Team owner will be responsible for all the formalities, and he will be the point of contact between Activision and the team.
  • Try to Play your Stage 2 Qualifiers at high Ranks. For example, winning at Elite Rank might be easy, but it will get your less stage 3 qualifying points as compared to winning in the Legendary Ranked lobby.

More Question?

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So that's it for this post. We hope that after going through this post, you have learned everything you need to know about the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship Stage 2, so gear up and take our best wishes for the qualifiers.