How To Collect Swim Rings A & B In Free Fire Beach Party Event

Free Fire 14/6 Beach Party Event 2020 has started from today with lots of free rewards for the players in the upcoming 14 days. The Beach Party Event is live in the game between 7th June to 21st June 2020. Today (7th June), the first phase of the event has started, in which you need to collect Swim Rings A & B and redeem them for various rewards.


In this post, we are going to share, how to collect Beach Party Swim Rings A & B In Free Fire. The first phase of the Beach Party Event is called the 'Misha's Lost Ring' and can be accessed from 14/6 Beach Party -> Misha's Lost Ring tab. You need to collect the rings between 2020-06-07 04:00:00 to 2020-06-16 03:59:59 and redeem them for the rewards.

Swim Rings A can be collected between 7th June to 15th June by shooting down the sand castles added in the whole map. While playing the matches, you can find these castles at various places on the map. You can use guns or melee weapons to get Swim Rings A out of the castles. The HP of Castles is 100, so you only need 2-3 bullets or 1-2 melee attacks to get the ring.

Swim Rings B are not available as of now; you can only collect them on 14th and 15th June 2020. On both the days, you will be able to collect the Swim Ring B from the in-game map drop. You can find them like other loots of the game (lying on the ground).

Apart from that, you can also collect some Swim Rings A by login to the game between 7th to 13th June 2020. Each day you get one Swim Ring A from the 14/6 Beach Party -> Misha's Lost Ring tab. On the 14th June 2020, you can also get a Swim Ring B by login to the game.

Rewards Available In Exchange Of Swim Rings

  • Swim Ring A (x12) + Swim Ring B (x6) - Captain Bubbles (Top)
  • Swim Ring A (x10) + Swim Ring B (x4) - Captain Bubbles (Bottom)
  • Swim Ring A (x6) + Swim Ring B (x2) - Captain Bubbles (Mask)
  • Swim Ring A (x6) + Swim Ring B (x2) - Captain Bubbles (Hair)
  • Swim Ring A (x6) + Swim Ring B (x2) - Captain Bubbles (Shoes)
  • Swim Ring A (x12) - Ocean Predator Surfboard Skin
  • Swim Ring A (x2) or Swim Ring B (x2) - Leg Pockets (Gives Extra 30 Capacity)

So claim you Captain Bubble Bundle permanently for free by collecting the Swim Rings before the event ends on 15th June 2020. You need to collect all the 5 items to make the set complete. Apart from that, there are various other rewards to collect, as mentioned above.

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