Free Fire Less Diamond More Discount Event: Get 520 Diamonds At 160 INR

Free Fire has introduced one of the best events for players who do not have enough money to spend on buying diamonds. Free Fire new Diamond Event is called 'Less Diamond More Discount.' In this event, the fewer diamonds you have, the greater your discount on the 520 diamond pack.

Free Fire Less Diamond More Discount Event is available for a pack of 520 diamonds. If you top-up 520 diamonds normally into your account, you get them for a 400 INR price, but in this event, you can get 520 diamonds at the cost of only 160 INR. The price gets calculated based on the remaining diamonds amount in your account.

  • If you have diamonds between 0-39, you get the 520 diamonds pack for 160 INR.
  • If you have diamonds between 40-249, you get the 520 diamonds pack for 250 INR.
  • If you have diamonds between 250-499, you get the 520 diamonds pack for 300 INR.
  • If you have more than 499 diamonds, you get the 520 diamonds pack for 400 INR.

As mentioned above, the price of the pack is calculated based on the number of remaining diamonds in your account. If you have a lower number of diamonds only but are not falling in the range of 0-39 diamonds, we recommend you spend some diamonds and get 520 diamonds for 160 INR only.

The offer is available for a period of 7 days only between 4th June to 10th June 2020. So you have the time till 10th June to arrange 160 INR and buy the 520 diamonds in Free Fire that you can spend on buying various in-game items. Also, a user can avail the offer only once. The offer can only be availed if you top-up from the 'Diamond Event' section only. You can access it in two ways:

  • Event Section -> Less Is More -> Go To
  • Click on Diamond Icon In Lobby -> Diamond Event

If you purchase diamonds from the Top-Up section or from any third party application/website like Codashop, GamesKharido, etc. you will only get the diamonds available at the cost of 160 INR, not the 520 diamonds. So make sure you purchase from the 'Diamond Event' section only.


A similar discount can be availed by buying the membership if you have never bought it before. Weekly membership costs you 159 INR and offers 60 diamonds daily, making it 420 diamonds total, and if you are a first-time buyer, you get 100 diamonds extra, making it 520 diamonds. After Diamond Event, you can consider buying monthly/weekly membership.

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